Japan 2014

All posts written during our vacation to Japan in May 2014


We made it! 1st post from the airport after landing!

Getting home + First ramen Our trek back to the family home and first experience at a ramen bar.

Tokyo Fabulous bike tour!

Tokyo Day 2 An exhausting day seeing a *lot* of Tokyo

Naoetsu + Japanese Hospitality Exploring rural Japan and meeting a gracious Japanese family

Takyama + An interesting dinner Making friends 😉

Takyama morning + Osaka evening Running in the rain and Osaka Castle

Kumano Kodo Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4 (Nachi Falls + Back to Osaka) Our backpacking/pilgrimage adventure

Kagoshima Foggy volcanoes!

Hiroshima + Mioyjima Museums and floating Tori gate

Miyajima’s Mt. Misen + Kyoto hotel Early hike and a relaxing evening

Kyoto Day 2 Monkey mountain and more relaxing

Back to Tokyo Spoiled by family!

Homeward Bound The flight home





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