Spring Break: Chicago


In California, Spring Break *actually feels* like Spring. Michigan– not so much. When I first had the idea to go to Chicago during Abe’s spring break I didn’t even consider the weather. So it was cold and there was still snow on the ground, but we had a great time regardless! It was actually the perfect time to use the City Pass since it’s for all indoor activities.


2015-03-05 07.50.03 2015-03-05 08.38.39We took the train over from Ann Arbor so we didn’t have to worry about driving (or parking) in the city. The train had wifi (woo!) so we creeped on the doggy daycare webcam to see how Scooby was handling himself (Spoiler: He’s never going to boarding again. He was SO stressed the whole time, policing the other dogs  *EYEROLL* lesson learned)2015-03-05 11.04.41First view of the city!

Our first stop (using the City Pass) was the Hancock Observatory, now known as Chicago 360.2015-03-05 13.01.19 2015-03-05 13.10.43 2015-03-05 13.21.56

We walked there from our hotel which took us on a scenic walk down the Miracle Mile. DSCN2225And by a Shake Shack 🙂 (I still prefer In n’ Out)2015-03-05 14.14.04

For dinner, we *had* to get deep dish pizza. We ventured to Lou Manlnati’s Pizzeria to see what the hype was all about. It delivered!2015-03-05 20.29.33 2015-03-05 20.46.05


After all that pizza, we needed a good workout! The hotel gym had a great color scheme so we decided to color coordinate 😉2015-03-06 09.46.11

Our next destination was the Art Institute of Chicago. I normally don’t care for art or museums, but either this museum is awesome or I’m growing up because I thoroughly enjoyed our visit!DSCN22592015-03-06 11.52.47DSCN2264 DSCN2272

Then we met up with a law-friend of Abe’s and refueled at a restaurant right across from Millenium Park called The Gage. I had a shimp roll and it was quite good! It also came on a cutting board which was cool and different. 2015-03-06 13.52.56

Next was Millenium Park. I couldn’t wait to see da’ Bean! (aka Cloud Gate)DSCN22502015-03-06 15.17.55I wish we could’ve enjoyed more time in the park, but it was so cold and slippery from the snow! Next time.

Having been to Chicago 360 during the day, we wanted to watch the sun set for our SkyDeck visit. 2015-03-06 17.16.50 2015-03-06 17.49.15 We also ventured on to The Ledge, which was terrifying. I just did my best to not. look. down.DSCN2295DSCN2303Chicago all lit up!DSCN2306


For our last day we went to the Shedd Aquarium. The line to get in was SO LONG but luckily our City Pass includes “fast pass” access to all attractions! whoop!  2015-03-07 12.06.32 2015-03-07 14.26.43We stepped out for lunch and found an authentic hot dog stand, Kim and Carlo’s!2015-03-07 12.57.45It was such a beautiful day to eat outside in the sunshine (and even unzip our jackets!!).2015-03-07 11.25.192015-03-07 13.06.37

The last City Pass we had was the Natural History Museum, right across the lawn from the aquarium. We were running out of time before our train left, but we ran in real quick and visited Lucy the dinosaur!2015-03-07 15.00.18We did a quick walk through of the rest of the museum and then hopped on the train back to Ann Arbor!

Quick trip, but it was great to get out of AA for the first time all winter!


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