Winter 2014: Highlights

Our first winter in Ann Arbor was okay – we survived! Come February and –25 degree temps I think the initial charm had worn off… But here are some highlights!

My mom came to Visit

2014-12-07 15.18.232014-12-06 15.27.13And she was so cute in her earmuffs! Also very sleepy, but so was Scooby ❤

We tried to be outside as much as possible…

2014-12-25 13.47.38 2014-12-26 12.59.56Before it got TOO cold… Did I mention it got done to –25 (straight temp, no wind chill) in February?? Not cool, AA.


2014-12-14 13.15.29 2014-12-21 12.04.29We got our first tree!! (and U of M ornament)

Went to Grand Rapids2014-12-29 10.17.33 2014-12-29 13.22.48

And visited the Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park and… beaches. Turns out no one goes to the beach when it’s 17 degrees.

New Years

2014-12-31 19.50.32 2015-01-01 00.18.40Steak dinner and painting… we’re wild!!!

San Diego Visit

2015-01-30 17.19.14 2015-01-31 11.22.25 2015-02-01 15.22.58 2015-02-01 17.29.56While Ann Arbor received 16 (!!!) inches of snow! #goodtiming

And how did the animals do?

2015-01-10 10.26.04 2015-01-10 10.27.38 2015-02-08 13.05.06 2015-02-15 08.58.52 2015-02-20 17.22.12 2015-02-21 17.11.35Great! ❤ Turns out they love the snow!!

We survived! Not bad for a couple kids from California!


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