Catching up

Hello there. It’s been awhile! I’ve almost forgotten how to do this…

Once winter 2014 rolled around, I guess I just became disinterested in documenting our (lack of) adventures. Spring and summer came around, and it seems I just forgot to pick it back up. So, per the request of my grandmother, I will try to catch up and post the highlights of our first year in Ann Arbor. In the meantime, enjoy this post drafted on September 4th, 2014 🙂 We’ve visited quite a few places since then!

A2 eats in A2 (as of Sept. 4, 2014)

We went out to eat last weekend!! Whaat?! My poor unemployed self has been trying to enjoy my kitchen (reference the new toys) and eat mostly at home to save some money. Good for the wallet, bummer for exploring the city. But we ventured out this weekend to try a couple restaurants and a really good ice cream place 😉

Toukun Noodle Bar2014-08-30 22.45.48

It was late and dark so no satisfying pictures were taken, sadly. But this place was awesome! Definitely the most authentic ramen and udon we’ve had since Japan!

Zingerman’s Delicatessen

2014-08-31 13.39.02We were with new friends, so I didn’t want to take pictures of my food lol

We did pick up some sandwiches on my mom and Dale’s last night in Ann Arbor as a thank you for all their help (like 1 meal even comes close to the magnitude of our gratitude!), but the atmosphere is such a large part of eating a Zingerman’s sandwich. It was described to me as “walking through a Trader Joe’s to order and then eating an awesome sandwich”

Blank Slate Creamery

2014-08-31 15.30.54 2014-08-31 15.35.31 2014-08-31 15.39.21


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