Grandma and Poppy Visit A2

My (warm-weather-dwelling) grandparents came to visit this weekend! It was cold, of course, but they were lucky they came when they did, because now its snowing!!2014-11-13 08.50.10

Aside from being the biggest fans of this blog, my grandparents are also HUGE foodies and wine lovers! We had a wonderful visit full of good food and happy times 🙂


We had spoken about possible eating adventures prior to their arrival, so I made a reservation at Vinology for dinner Friday night. We got a fruit and cheese sampler and duck wings (so delicious!) to start, followed by salads and half-portion entrees. It was all so good and so nice to catch up with them.PhotoGrid_1415823967847Cheeeeeeeeese!, Ceasar salad with fancy croutons, Abe’s roasted game hen (that he ate ALL of, just to prove he could), Grandma’s AWESOME duck that I’m stealing a bite of… , Triple layer cake: red velvet, chocolate, pound cake, Fruit tart with brown butter ice cream(!!!) and raspberry *skid*


We woke up and had a complimentary breakfast at their hotel to power our day! We started with a tour of the law school (duh) and then headed downtown.2014-11-08 10.10.09 2014-11-08 10.24.04 2014-11-08 11.05.52

Because we got up so early, we were able to catch the farmer’s market and pick up food for an at-home dinner! I had done some research about a fish place near the market, Monahan’s Seafood Market, so we stopped in there to get some lunch. It was so fresh and expertly prepared!2014-11-08 12.40.33

We continued our walk around downtown, but it was so windy and cold we decided to stop into Babo for some coffee and warmth.2014-11-08 13.55.28

After catching the shuttle home, we dropped Abe off so he could study #lawschoollife and picked up Scooby to head out the barn. Preston was nuts and ran around like a banshee *just* to scare Grandma — I swear.

We enjoyed a nice dinner in our apartment of almond flour crusted chicken breasts, some beautiful greens and roasted eggplant. I didn’t take any pictures of it (the lighting sucks) but I did catch Grandma loving on Scooby. She is NOT a dog person, but he’s everyone’s exception!IMG_20141113_085642


Sunday morning we made reservations for our favorite brunch spot, Aventura. The food was great, our spread was impressive and the company was exceptional 🙂2014-11-09 10.12.43 2014-11-09 10.17.07 2014-11-09 10.34.10

We then went for a beautifully crisp walk in the Arb to work off some of that brunch! 2014-11-09 12.03.23 2014-11-09 12.05.18 2014-11-09 12.13.07 2014-11-09 12.15.04

Again, we dropped Abe off and headed to the barn. Preston was considerably better behaved 🙂2014-11-09 16.56.30-1Check out my new boots! I splurged and got some warm, waterproof boots I can ride in. Love them so far!! Hopefully they’ll keep my toes warm this winter.

I also wanted to take them to my favorite spice place, By The Pound, and favorite coffee place, Roos Roast! We had a nice time perusing the spice and bulk foods and then enjoying a nice cup of coffee (…or hot chocolate, for me) with a delicious 7-layer bar!2014-11-09 13.15.41 2014-11-09 13.49.13

Then I took a nap. These grandparents of mine wear me out.

For my (early) celebratory birthday dinner we went to Pacific Rim and it.was.awesome. Great service, excellent food and CHOPSTICKS! I always love a good opportunity to show off my Japanese-compliment-worthy chopstick skillzzzz. Poppy had a little bit more trouble with them…PhotoGrid_1415824144822Butternut squash soup, Sampler appetizer, Flourless lava cake, pear crepe with butternut squash ice cream, Quinoa crusted scallops with an awesome curry sauce, Grandma and Poppy!


I joined them early Monday morning for breakfast before work and then they explored the city. Good to know: all the museums in Ann Arbor close on Monday.

I picked them up after work and we went to Jerusalem Garden, a middle eastern place where you seriously get some bang for your buck. Awesome food, perfect for carryout on lazy evenings. AMAZING lentil soup and hummus!! I forgot to take pictures, oops.


I joined them again for breakfast at the hotel and enjoyed their farewell sunrise!2014-11-11 07.24.20

They took the bus back to the airport and made their way home. And I’m still recovering. These people have too much energy.

Love you guys!! Thanks for making the trek out here to visit us in out new home!


6 responses to “Grandma and Poppy Visit A2

  1. Love Love Love all of this…so glad they got to spend such a beautiful weekend with you! Can’t wait for mine…coming soon… ❤ you!

  2. What a great visit!!! Ann Arbor and all the food is beautiful… But they don’t hold a candle to you my beauty!!!! Thanks for the recap. This is way more info than I have had a chance to get from the two of them. Not enough hours in the day!!! I can’t wait to talk to you soon and hear all about your job, your town, your Abe and life in general!! I love you so much Honey!!

  3. WOW this is great to have a scrapbook done for us. We had a great time, and we got out of town just in time. LOVE YOU Thanks for the visit . We will return when the weather is fair.

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