Monday Meal Plan #11

Happy Monday (evening)! It was a sleepy Monday morning for us…2014-09-15 16.56.59But we perked up in the evening to see Preston and hit the gym. Preston has been getting in to the burdock bushes lately so I’ve been trying to get out there in the evening to clean him up before putting him to bed.2014-09-14 18.35.072014-09-15 18.01.34 2014-09-14 19.06.47SUCH a pain. Takes me at least 20 minutes to get them out each day and they give me splinters!

Last week’s meals:


Starting Top Left (CW):

  • Baked potato with cheese, salsa and avocado + leftover hamburger pattie + tomato + zucchini
  • Enchilada casserole with all kinds of good stuff inside!
  • Recycled picture, but Abe’s favorite fish tacos
  • Pulled BBQ chicken (plus onions and dill pickles!) sandwich topped with cheddar cheese plus roasted frozen broccoli. I’m such a huge pickle fan, and if you are too, I would highly recommend you adding pickles to your BBQ as well. Maybe it’s a normal thing to do, but our trip to Biercamp gave me the idea, and I love it 😀

Plus a pizza Sunday night made with TJ’s pizza dough, mushrooms, bell peppers and TJ’s soy chorizo. I think it was the best pizza we’ve made. (We normally load it so heavy with veggies it turns out super soggy)2014-09-14 21.45.59


2014-09-10 13.25.14Leftover BBQ Chicken Lettuce Wraps2014-09-11 15.19.04The (ever-popular) taco salad with chicken 2014-09-15 12.28.30Another favorite, the soy chorizo and egg burrito with avocado on an onion and chile tortilla.

This week:

2014-09-15 16.50.40

  • Meatball Sub + veggies
  • Out! Taco Tuesday
  • Chicken Breast + Buffalo Cauliflower (recipe)
  • White Bean Chili (recipe)
  • Falafel Salad (recipe)

Like my new menu board?! I’m pretty excited about it. $3 frame from Salvation Army, a little paint, a $5 print from Etsy and a Crayola glass marker! Way cuter and more convenient than a scrap piece of paper.

Have a great week!2014-09-14 19.36.35


3 responses to “Monday Meal Plan #11

  1. I love the menu board!!! Very crafty!!! I have had a dry erase one for years, but it is really beat up… Not nearly a chic as yours!! Snot you love soyrizo!? Love you!!!!!

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