Waste Free Food Packaging

Last night during my after dinner “quiet time” (when I hide in the bedroom and do my best not to bother the resident law student’s studying), I came across an article on Facebook talking about the next-big-thing: waste free food packaging. Engineering + food? (AND not filling up our land fills) Sounds like something I could get into.

Here’s the article I was directed to. It talks about the Swedish design company Tomorrow Machine and their efforts to create compostable and multi-functioning packaging. The multifunction packaging is cool – pretty much the packaging turns into a plate when the food is ready, simultaneously cooking the food and transforming into a plate when hot water is added. But what’s super cool to me is the compostable packaging essentially made from other food.

biodegradable packagingSource

They’ve created a juice box, dry rice container and olive oil “egg” all made out of different substances that won’t react with their contents. SO COOL. You can read the article above, or this one, for more information about what the materials are made of.


That article then led me to WikiPearls, which I just had to take a look at. Also exciting and inspiring, this company aimed for packaging that could be consumed in addition to containing the product… inspired by a grape or coconut, but also reminded me personally of an M&M or TJ’s ice cream mochi.  The convenience and portability it provides is very intriguing (yogurt balls on a hike??) and also cuts down on the necessity of utensils (and therefore, waste).

Anyways, I thought these new-to-me developments were quite exciting and worth the share! And if you made it to the end of this virtually picture-less post, I shall reward you!

2014-09-10 14.32.12 2014-09-10 18.37.31Scooby’s day summarized in two pictures. And yes, he often sticks his head in precarious positions under the furniture. I don’t know why.


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