Monday Meal Plan #10

Now that it’s the second week of school and our one month (!!!) moving anniversary, I figure it’s time to start meal planning again! 

I have a crafty/artsy meal-planning-apparatus in the works, so I will update this post with a pretty picture once it’s ready…

For now, I’ll just type the meal plan and (since I don’t have last week’s plan/photos) show you other things we’ve been eating lately!

This Week’s Plan
  • Monday: BBQ chicken sandwiches, roasted broccoli
  • Tuesday: Black bean, zucchini, corn, mushroom and cheese enchiladas
  • Wednesday: Baked potatoes topped with chili and some t.b.d. vegetable
  • Thursday: OUT for Cheese steaks with friends 🙂
  • Friday: Fish tacos
Recent Homemade Eats

2014-08-25 16.01.422014-08-23 16.06.15Wraps with sliced turkey, cucumbers and bell peppers.2014-09-02 21.37.51Ravioli with shrimp, fresh tomatoes and pesto.2014-08-22 15.53.37Ravioli with summer squash and bread with roasted garlic and pesto ::mouth waters::2014-08-28 13.38.54Amish Chicken Sausage with roasted brussel sprouts and a side of creepin, brussel-sprout-lovin border collie. True story, he lurves brussel sprouts.2014-08-28 15.59.38Fresh mango! Sliced/scooped/extracted using a cup just like in this video! I was skeptical but it WORKS!  2014-08-23 11.36.312014-08-31 11.07.34Zucchini, summer squash, feta egg scramble with pesto and/or avocado toast.2014-08-31 21.33.37How Abe does pasta—multiple types of everything! 2014-09-04 12.52.30Taco salad with egg/soy chorizo scramble, black beans, plain yogurt, salsa and cheddar cheese.

Hope you have a week full of great eats!


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