Green Cubes

So – turns out I am the messiest smoothie constructor around! My new fancy, schmancy Ninja has given me lots of “inspiration” for different kinds of smoothies, which really just results in a mess. The biggest challenge, I’ve found, in trying to fit all the greens into the blender and help them blend down successfully without totally watering down my concoction. I have little bits of leaves all over my kitchen floor….

I’ve seen people use ice cube trays to freeze excess fresh herbs into convenient little oil/herb cubes (totally trying that soon, btw), so why not do the same with my pesky smoothie greens?! I normally use ugly ultra nutritious greens like mustard and collard for smoothies (who would waste spinach hidden in a smoothie??) and I always worry about the bag going bad if I don’t use it all in time. Ta da! Reducing mess/waste and increasing efficiency in one go! I’ll take it 🙂2014-09-03 11.55.22I used the entire 1 lb bag of TJ’s Southern Greens Blend and 8 or so ounces of water. I wanted the cubes to be as concentrated as possible, so I added just enough water to get everything blending.2014-09-03 11.59.11In total, it came out to be 36 oz, which was perfect since I estimated I had 40 oz worth of ice tray to fill.2014-09-03 12.13.09 2014-09-03 15.23.51They also provide the perfect portion control! I made a tasty and perfectly portioned smoothie this morning using:

  • 4 Green Cubes
  • Heaping 1/2 cup frozen mixed berries
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1/2 cup plain yogurt
  • 1 Tbsp all natural Blueberry preserves

2014-09-04 09.08.05Next time I’ll use banana or dates to sweeten it, but I was so scarred by my failed attempts I just went for the sweet stuff! And it was perfectly sweet (for me at least), but I could still taste a little bit of the greens. Bananas are the best maskers I’ve found. I then mixed in a tbsp of chia seeds for some extra protein and omegas. I learned not to blend the chia… those suckers are sneaky and sticky!2014-09-04 09.14.18

Green smoothies, part of a balanced breakfast!

We went to a food truck rally last night for dinner and there were fresh donuts – can’t pass that up! I couldn’t finish my third one so I saved it for breakfast!


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