{Getting} Back at It

Hello from Ann Arbor! 2014-08-10 16.00.05Our apartment is looking only slightly more put together than this picture… 10 days later. More pics soon! But here’s a sneak peek at the dining room/kitchen. The only important part of the house, duh.2014-08-13 11.22.13 2014-08-13 14.15.35

We survived our 7 day trip across to the US, with only one slip-up in the trailer and one flat tire! Definitely grateful that everything went so smoothly and we got to see such beautiful properties!2014-08-07 19.06.51

Today is the first day of Abe’s “pre” orientation and the first day Scooby and I are home alone! …without a car, no less. We’ve been enjoying our new TV and Chrome Cast (!!), eating awesome foodies and I worked out for the first time since leaving Davis.


We’ve been eating some awesome meals/breakfasts lately because we have time AND new restaurants to try! What a beautiful thing.2014-08-12 16.42.23Biercamp pulled pork sandwich2014-08-14 21.47.21 2014-08-15 10.40.52 2014-08-15 16.15.22BTB Cantina Nachos after a (self-guided) bike tour around Ann Arbor2014-08-17 11.25.03^^Savory oatmeal… freakin’ awesome!

Last night I made some super delicious lemony green lentils based on this recipe (I didn’t have any dill) over some greens, cucumbers and tomatoes.2014-08-18 20.33.58And then ate the leftovers topped with an egg for breakfast this morning with a side of apples and peanut butter.2014-08-19 09.01.25Lunch was a half sandwich with turkey, pesto (pre-made from Costco) and sliced tomatoes completed with some carrots and ranch.2014-08-19 13.41.08

BACK AT IT Workout

I haven’t worked out since leaving Davis, because I just didn’t want to. I enjoyed my 2 week break 🙂 But, cookies can’t replace exercise forever.2014-08-19 10.46.52Even Especially if they are filled with fudge.

So Scooby and I set out to see what we could accomplish at 80 degrees and 70% humidity after not working out for 2 weeks…2014-08-19 13.04.23Ran a mile (lucky for me, the sidewalk around our complex is almost exactly .5 mile!), stopped at the park, did: 5x (10 squats, 10 incline pushups); 5x (15 tricep dips, 6 lunges) on the bleachers, then jogged .5 mile back to the apartment.2014-08-19 13.14.41I was wiped. But you have to start somewhere.

Just like catching up after 1+ month of ignoring your blog. Hopefully I’ll be more consistent now that I’m on the hunt for a job/have time because I’m unemployed! 😉


5 responses to “{Getting} Back at It

  1. Hi honey!! I am so glad to see you are getting settled in! Love your (emphasis on your very own) kitchen AND we have the same table cloth!! What can I say we both have great taste!! Let me also say that it is lunch time…AND YOUR MAKING ME HUNGRY!! I have to try the lemony lentils. I love you very much and hope to talk to you soon. Hugs to Abe.

  2. Love the pics..so glad you are maintaining your healthy lifestyle across the country..oxox
    Love Momma

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