Homeward Bound

Saturday the 31st – our last day in Japan 😦 Our flight left at 5:55 pm so we expected a low key day of buying some small gifts and starting our trek to the airport via train at 1:30. But Abe’s family had other plans.

His aunt made us a beautiful breakfast to start our day.


Potato dumplings, egg drop soup, salmon, greens and a lemon/orange. All ridiculously tasty and so so so generous of her to cook it all for us. Abe’s hard working cousin came in while we were eating to let us know that he would be attending a bbq near the airport, so he would drive us, and drop us off at a closer station. Sounds good! We packed up our things and got in the car.

It was different experiencing Tokyo by car. They turned on the American military English radio station for us and pointed out all the sights and eventually brought us to a mall for some shopping and lunch. (I guess the plans had changed from a bbq?)


I was still full from our huge breakfast so I got some maguro sashimi and soba noodles.

It was fun hanging out with Abe’s family! His aunt, cousin, cousin’s wife, their daughter and then his wife’s sister and her family ate lunch with us and they were so excited to hear about our travels around Japan! They were so kind and great company in our kat few hours in Japan.


They all waved goodbye to us as we got on the train, and it made us even more sad to leave 😦

Taking the train worked perfectly and we made it to the gate nice and early. I used my last yen to buy ice cream. So good.


The were so many Americans on the flight, it was disarming after being around all the Japanese. Likewise, the United plane was a stark contrast to the ANA plane we arrived on. According to the well traveled woman sitting next to me, last time she was on a plan like this was in the 80’s and I believe it. It was good this was the shorter flight and we slept through most of it because it was not a comfortable ride. And the food was awful.


Curry chicken and “vegetables” (aka one cauliflower floret)
We were also served eggs, sausage and a hashbrown which was just too gross to take a picture of. Exactly what you think of when you think of airplane food. I didn’t eat most of it.

Abe’s mom picked us up from the airport after a very long wait in customs and now we’re chilling in San Jose eating cupcakes covered in peanut butter and trying to minimize the effects of jet lag! I can’t wait to see my boys when we get home tomorrow!!!! 🙂 🙂


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