Back to Tokyo

We left Kyoto on Friday (the 30th) after sleeping in and watching another movie 🙂 and headed back to Abe’s aunt and uncle’s house in Tokyo.

The morning was relaxing, and early afternoon was traveling, so not a lot going on. When we got to Tokyo station we visited Sunshine City for lunch. We didn’t know what to expect, but it was basically a giant shopping mall (it even had an aquarium inside!). We found the perfect udon place (where you basically order your noodles and chose your toppings for extra) for a light/late lunch before getting to his aunt and uncle’s hose where they were she to overfeed us!





Amazingly delicious and just what we needed!

Then we jumped on a local train and headed to their house to relax and eat.  And eat we did! His aunt is so sweet and made this amazing meal for us!


Sashimi, a salad (!!!), tofu, fried chicken, miso soup and rice!


And this custard filled fish thing we grabbed on the way home for dessert!


Our last sunset in Japan.


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