Getting home + first ramen!

So meeting up with Abe’s dad and brother proved to be harder than expected. They came in to a different terminal entirely AND their flight was late, but we had no way of communicating with them!! Traveling with the Matsui’s is ALWAYS an adventure – even in the US.


We took the Keisei railway (along with a few transfers) from the airport to make our way to Oyama, the small town where Abe’s uncle and aunt live.


It took us a little over an hour to make it all the way home and we were EXHAUSTED. It was close to 2 AM SF time and my movie-aholic tendencies means I didn’t get any sleep on the plane. I was wiped out.


But there was a beautiful sunset which made me so excited to see the rest of Japan!


Before we went all the wall home, we stopped in to my first ramen house!


I got cold noodles (they were green! ) in a sesame sauce… so tasty.


And for only $6! I think we’ll be eating A LOT of ramen these next two weeks.

Then we made it to the house, got settled and ate some more. As soon as was polite, I crashed. So. Tired.

Ultimately, I’m feeling good so far. The people are friendly and the scenery is amazing, but it’s SUPER unsettling to not know the language or be able to communicate with anyone. Hopefully I’ll settle into it as I at least learn how to say thank you and sorry. I keep wanting to speak Spanish :/


We just found wifi in 711 and withdrew or first monies!  Woo! Two things I was very worried about. Now headed off to take the subway alone for the first time and a bike tour of Tokyo!!! Wish us luck 🙂


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