We made it!



Can’t you tell from this very “Japanese” baggage claim we’re sitting in?!

Or the Narita airport at least. We’re waiting for Abe’s dad and brother to arrive so we haven’t stepped out of the airport yet, but the flight was so interesting (and we have wifi!!) I had to share!

The plane (We flew ANA) is incredibly spacious the attendants are so gracious and kind. And bilingual!

Each seat had its own TV with tons of movies available!



I watched lots of movies: The Monument Men, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, her, Saving Mr. Banks and parts of Frozen and Catching Fire! …Whoa that’s a lot. I guess you could say I made the most out of my 10 hours.

The food was amazing!



1 hour in they gave us drinks and amazing rice crackers.


2 hours in they gave us “lunch/dinner” of Miso Simmered Mackerel with pickled vegetables, rice,  soba noodles, fruit, peanut spinach and miso soup! It was all good except the spinach. I’ll let it slide because then…


They gave us Häagen daas! (My phone auto corrected to that fancy a lol)


7 hours in they fed us our second meal: chicken, green beans, carrots and potato gnocchi. I thought airplane food was supposed to be bad?? Everything  we ate today was delicious! But yeah, we I was totally that tourist taking pictures of food on the airplane. Oops.

I have a sneaking suspicion that the food is only going to get better from here on out… can’t wait to find out 😉


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