Dog and Pony Show

Sooo this is fairly late (*cough cough* only two weeks!) but I love these pictures and had to share! Plus, it was both the boy’s birthdays (Scooby – April 7th, Preston – April 20th) and they deserve a post of their own.20140420_115125Happy birthday Scooby and Preston! I made them homemade muffins to celebrate – carrot, egg and chicken for Scoobs, and banana, carrot and apple for Preston.DSCN1271Scooby loved his…DSCN1291Preston—not so much.

But before they celebrated their birthdays, they….

Participated in A horse (pony?) show

UC Davis hosted a schooling dressage show and we participated! Preston used to live at the facility and absolutely hates it. It was a stressful day with a really grouchy judge, but Preston did great! We’ve come so far as partners since our last show 4(!!) years ago.20140406_163336 20140406_163653 20140406_180425

Competed in the UCD Picnic Day Frisbee Competition

Last year, Abe and Scooby competed in the Picnic Day Frisbee Competition only two weeks after we got Scooby!! And THEY WON! 2013-04-20 12.28.12Throwbaaaack 😉

Expectations this year were high, to say the least. There were a lot more dogs and the competition was stiff! They ended up placing 5th out 38 dogs which is very respectable. Is was a great day all around and we got some great pictures out of it! Thank you to the photographer that posted them on Facebook, whoever you are!!10153671_10203406780751889_4443898481216531619_n1014479_10203406778551834_7839375939635942938_n 10150581_10203406776751789_2739426207325647699_n10154285_10203406779311853_5337553008540097818_n 10154488_10203406766551534_4135658499621945003_nGood job, Abe and Scooby!

I also video’d both rounds if you care to watch:

Lots of pet adventures now that it’s spring! Preston and I are heading to a classical dressage in Galt this weekend, so stay tuned for that. I love spending time with my boys!

Have you ever made your pets treats before? Any recipes worth sharing?? 🙂 What’s your favorite way to spend time with your pets?


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