{WIAW} #9 – Back At It

I’m back! Life has been busy lately with Michigan, the horse show, getting sick and the UC Davis Picnic Day Frisbee Competition! I, of course, have tons of pictures (of the animals) so I’ll post them soon. But today was particularly wonderful and it all started with a wonderful breakfast of an over easy egg, toast with Nuttzo (Abe got a sample jar from work! ) and roasted asparagus/mushrooms with sautéed spinach.  YUM. image For lunch: a TJs frozen tamale, black beans, salsa, soy chorizo, cheddar cheese with tortilla chips. Super ugly and light on veggies, but delicious! image I snuck in a run after work in the beautiful spring weather. Being sick for a week really set me back cardio wise so I was proud of myself for hitting an 8:30 pace towards the end!! I’m getting stronger! image Dinner used a new TJs item: breaded eggplant cutlets! I made a casserole of sorts layering eggplant, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and roasted green bell pepper. It was cheesy, messy and decadent 😀 image Yummmmmmm, good day! As always, thanks to Jenn at Peas and Crayons for hosting!


3 responses to “{WIAW} #9 – Back At It

  1. I didn’t know you’re in Michigan! I live here! Except I live wayyy up in the Upper Peninsula 🙂 all of the eats look so yummy!! Especially loving that breakfast! So jealous of your free Nuttzo!!!

    • Oh really?! We were just in Michigan visiting, but there’s a good chance we could be moving there in the Fall! It’s definitely going to be a climate change from California 😉 Nuttzo is good!! Different than plain peanut butter, but I dig it. And yes, that breakfast — got my day off to a GOOD start!

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