{W&WIAW} #7 – A Day in My Shoes

When & What I Ate Wednesday – come follow me (or at least look at pictures) around my day! I’ve been wanting to do a post like this for awhile and after I got my gym pass seemed like the perfect time! Oh heyyy gym selfie.

6:00 AM

Wake up, brush teeth, get dressed in workout clothes, pack clothes for work day

6:30 AM

Head down to kitchen, make tea, pack lunch, eat peanut butter toast2014-03-04 06.48.26

6:55 AM

Catch bus to gym, watch Tonight Show highlights, laugh on bus like an idiot

7:05 AM

Get to gym, stash stuff in locker, jump on stair climber for 10 minutes, squats, lunges, selfie, leg press, other leg machine thingy, plank, plank ups, stretch2014-03-04 07.25.38

7:45 AM

Get ready for work, walk across campus to work

8:00 AM

WORK, eat 2nd breakfast: egg frittata with shredded collard greens, bell pepper, mushrooms, tomatoes and feta cheese2014-03-03 08.08.12

12:00 PM

Lunch time!! Sautee of mushrooms, bell peppers, black beans and chicken with taco seasoning topped with salsa and cheese over quinoa 2014-03-03 21.24.10and leftover massaged (with olive oil, garlic and lemon) kale topped with some parmesan cheese and almonds. We ate this with a creamy risotto over the weekend and it contrasted the acidity SO. WELL. Since we were out of risotto I figured “almonds are creamy” and went with it. It was pretty good!2014-03-03 12.31.21

3:00 PM

I wanted pudding! But the Silo didn’t have it 😦 I settled for a yogurt parfait that was certainly sweet enough to satisfy my sweet tooth – delicious! Shh, don’t tell, but it even had brown sugar in it!!2014-03-04 15.34.50

5:00 PM

Take the bus home, catch up with Abe about his day was

6:00 PM

Pack Scooby into the car and head to the barn! Ride, feed, blanket Preston 🙂2014-01-08 18.19.24 2014-01-08 18.21.05Deal with this sweaty beast:2014-01-16 19.33.53>:P ^^^^^Least favorite part about being a horse-mom in the winter.

8:00 PM

Home for dinner! Abe and I went out to dinner at Jack’s Urban Eats which is walking distance from our house. I got the Veggie Sandwich (eggplant, mozzarella, spinach, tomato sauce on whole wheat bun) with mashed cheese taters and gravy.2014-03-04 20.12.45Yogurtland is in the same shopping center, so we of course stopped to get some of that too 😉2014-03-04 21.08.58Chocolate, chocolate caramel cups, chocolate chip cookie dough and… green tea mochi? haha didn’t really “go” but it’s tasty!

9:30 PM

Home, shower

10:00 PM

Write this post in bed!

10:45 PM


And then repeat 😀

Thanks to Jenn at Peas and Crayons for hosting the link up! Head on over to her blog to check out what everyone else ate today!

How much sleep do you get a night? I normally have to average 8. I can get by on 7.

What do you think of my pictures?? Any improvement because of the new phone? Or did you not even notice! I’m personally lovin’ it 🙂


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