All it takes is a little bit of reflection

I invested some time, money and effort this weekend and got myself 1) a new phone and 2) a gym membership!! Whee! A little bit of effort went a long way for my happiness 😀

My phone was dying. It sucked. I would just stop working, restart, close apps, poor battery life and the camera was sub-par. That said, it was a (smart) phone, and I was fortunate to have it! But my new phone is even better!! It’s (a Galaxy S4) fast, beautiful and has good battery life. It can even do this:20140302_123148So cool! The 13 MP camera was definitely the selling point for me. I’ll also be able to play music in the morning AND use it throughout the day. Whee!! It makes me so happy!

I also got an ARC, the UC Davis Gym, pass! I’ve been trying to work out in the morning, but due to roommate shifts and weather, just haven’t been able to. So I broke down and got a gym pass! I worked out this morning and it felt sooo gooood 🙂 I’m excited for my new routine!

We also tried out a couple new restaurants this weekend! Adventure dinners with my main man make me so happy 🙂 Check out my Instagram (@engfoodie) for more pictures! 20140301_214614_LLS

So a little bit of reflection and action brought me lots and lots of happiness this weekend. Sometimes the smallest things can change your day, you just have to stop to appreciate (or make actions toward) them!

What has made you happy lately?? What have you done to increase your happiness lately?


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