Adventure Weekend: Murphys, CA Eats & Scenes

So gotta get this posted before the next weekend starts…DSCN1010 Wine Trip Research, Round 2!! My grandparents came up to do more wine tasting around Gold Country (see Round 1: Sutter Creek), this time in Murphys, CA!2014-02-22 15.13.04

Murphys Eats & Scenes

Friday night after work, we drove in to Old Town Sacramento and ate at The Firehouse Restaurant (see Abe’s hilariously honest review here) in Old Town. WP_20140221_001They brought out a “Chef’s Taste”  which was a Dungeness Crab salad with Dijon mustard dressing atop a cauliflower ricotta – so  good! WP_20140221_006The Steak DelmonicoWP_20140221_008For dessert we got the Hot Chocolate which was more like the most decadent chocolate cake/mousse/ganache/fudge ever. YUM.InstagramCapture_210f994e-c27e-4ef4-bd3b-6852f9f5eb76_jpgSO happy about LEFTOVERS!

We drove up to Murphys and ate lunch at Alchemy Market and Winebar (sans Abe, who had to work – boo).  DSCN1008 DSCN1004 DSCN1009I got the crab cake and it was HUGE and delicious!

We stopped in a bakery called Aria to “refuel” 😉 and got an eclair and some tea.DSCN1019 DSCN1022DSCN1026Oh Poppy 🙂

Still full from our day’s feedings, we stopped into V Bistro to get some (oh you know like SEVEN!?!) small plates for dinner. At least Abe was hungry from his work day.2014-02-23 10.17.59 DSCN1029“Devils on Horseback” Medjool dates stuffed with bleu cheese and wrapped in bacon. They were tasty, but interesting.DSCN1028Tuna Sashimi 🙂 My small plate of choice after a particularly rich day of eating.DSCN1045Dessert of coconut bread pudding. Since I got a very chocolate-y (he doesn’t prefer chocolate) dessert on Friday, Abe got his choice on Saturday. Sad, but it’s only fair 😉DSCN1032 All of our “small plates”DSCN1042 DSCN1035

Sunday morning breakfast was at Grounds ( Abe’s review here).2014-02-23 10.17.44 2014-02-23 09.48.00Basil and tomato scramble. More cheeeeeese please!2014-02-23 09.48.09Herb omlette – wonderful!!!

We then came across this epic spice store called The Spice Tin! I love spices! I don’t know why but Abe also reviewed this store??  DSCN1047 2014-02-23 10.29.21 2014-02-23 10.33.21So many spices! It’s overwhelminggggggg

Before leaving we stopped in at Cupcakes by Lila and Sage. DSCN1052Cute, cute, cute store and DElicious cupcakesDSCN1055DSCN1053DSCN1059Haha action shot!

Thank you Grandma and Poppy for another amazing weekend!! We sure love spending time with you guys 🙂2014-02-22 14.56.51


2 responses to “Adventure Weekend: Murphys, CA Eats & Scenes

  1. Thanx for hanging out with the old folks. So glad you keep track of the food because we are always more focused on the wine. You are ao much fun to be with Love you

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