Adventure Weekend: President’s Day

Happy President’s Day! I hope everyone enjoyed their 3-day weekend as much as I did 🙂 Here are some of my highlights.


2014-02-14 17.28.02Valentine’s Day! Abe had to work from 1-10 PM but he still managed to surprise me when I got home from work  – he decorated the room! Our traditional V-day gift is a list of things we like about each other, presented in different ways. One year was on a box of chocolates, another in a Funyun bag and this year, on balloons! Excuse the mess of the room!!2014-02-14 17.33.51Scooby wanted the balloons soooooooo baaaaad


DSCN0894I had a riding lesson in the morning and Abe came to watch before he had to go back to work. He took some very nice pictures of me and Preston 🙂DSCN0908 DSCN0931 DSCN0957Scooby too, of course…DSCN0961 DSCN0966


2014-02-16 10.56.59Since we couldn’t “celebrate” Valentine’s Day on Friday, we decided to do a brunch Sunday morning (before Abe had to go to work again). The restaurant we had originally planned to go to said they no longer served brunch when I called to make reservations, so we went to an old favorite – Putah Creek Cafe 🙂  2014-02-16 10.33.10 2014-02-16 10.33.34Abe got the Chicken Fried Steak (splurge!!) and I got a bacon, avocado and cheese omelet! Better believe that kept us full all day.. phew! But we definitely saved room for…2014-02-16 10.55.01 2014-02-16 11.00.38COOKIES! GI-normous and amazing.


2014-02-17 09.04.19I woke up early and ran out to the barn to ride Preston. I didn’t bring Scooby and no one happened to be out at 8:30 am, so it was just me and the Preston pie = the best.

I came home, ate some breakfast and then Abe, Scooby and I were off for a hike! We went to American River Canyon Overlook Park in Auburn, CA and it was beautiful!DSCN3347 DSCN3350 DSCN3352 DSCN3354 DSCN3375We also tried for a couple timer “family photos” which didn’t come out so well…DSCN3360 DSCN3370Oh well! haha

We stopped for some lunch on the way home at Little Belgium Deli. We got a Rueben and The Gobbler (turkey with cranberry sauce!) and split them.PhotoGrid_1392688971781And then got caught in horrendous traffic on the way home. Everyone was coming home from the snow!! But we had a beautiful sunset to guide us 🙂DSCN3376

That’s it! There’s our weekend, and what a great one it was 😀

What did you do for the 3-day weekend??


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