Tom Kha (Thai Coconut Soup)

The evenings are getting longer! I caught the end of the sunset tonight on the way to the barn for the first time in a while 🙂2014-02-10 18.00.48

In an effort to not only post for What I Ate Wednesdays, I’m stopping in tonight to tell you about our dinner – Tom Kha. If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen this cuteness/deliciousness.

Scooby is Abe’s Sous-Chef in case you didn’t already know 😉2014-02-10 20.29.532014-02-10 20.36.232014-02-10 21.20.12

Abe found the recipe (all on his own!) and decided to make it, which I fully support. 😀 He followed this recipe by Stupid Easy Paleo almost exactly, just omitting the sriracha because we didn’t have any. We poured it over white rice (yeeeah, probably should make quinoa or something healthier next time…) and straight up devoured it –seriously! It was delicious and so satisfying! Next time we agreed that we would have to make a double batch to feed us and (hopefully!) have leftovers. Ahh leftovers, how I miss you! I always try to plan for leftovers, but Abe eats it all. Sigh.

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What recipes have you tried lately?


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