{WIAW} #2 – All The Oatmeal!

So this is actually from last Wednesday, but I when I got around to posting it the link up had closed! Live and learn. So, a little late, but better late than never!

Check out my eats from two weeks ago at WIAW #1!


2014-01-22 07.35.01Mango black tea from TJ’s // homemade oatmeal breakfast cookie // 2 corn tortilla egg tacos with cheese and salsa


2014-01-22 12.07.55Taco salad with chicken, wild rice, refried beans, cheese and salsa over romaine lettuce // TJ’s Veggie Flaxseed Chips // Homemade Cashew & Date “Larabar”

5 PM Snack

2014-01-22 21.46.57

Cranberry Chocolate Oatmeal Ball


2014-01-22 20.14.34

Giant Salad with tomato, cucumber, feta, more chicken and avocado over mixed greens topped with basil olive oil and prickly pear balsamic vinegar


2014-01-22 20.38.16

TJ’s Maple Pecan Granola // Peanut Butter // Milk

It was certainly a oatmeal heavy day and I’m cool with that 🙂 I’ve had quite the sweet tooth lately and all my oat-meals have been satisfying it quite nicely!

Thanks to Jenn at Peas and Crayons for hosting! Head on over to her blog to check out what everyone else ate today.


7 responses to “{WIAW} #2 – All The Oatmeal!

  1. I am making a mental list of everything I want to cook when we move into our new kitchen…I mean new house! The first thing I make will be those breakfast cookies for my sweetie pie husband…xoxo

  2. The Salad looks sooo delish!! I am eating a big salad for din din every night and really watching my carb and fat intake and working out 3 times a week!! So far I’m down 5 lbs!!! Your ideas are inspiring me!!

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