Catching Up

I got my hair cut, finally!! The previous place I went to was becoming unbearable, so I tried a new place on a recommendation from a friend and it was awesome! Jamie owns her own salon and gives a damn good haircut at an affordable price! Sign me up 🙂 I’m going to make an effort to curl it more now that she gave me some good tips.PhotoGrid_1389372714683I’ve been riding Preston in the dark lately. Scooby is my guard-barn-dog 🙂2014-01-08 18.19.24 2014-01-08 18.20.01 2014-01-08 18.21.05I also rode with my Garmin GPS watch and heart rate monitor on Saturday—almost 3 miles, at a max speed of 10 miles/hour and my heart rate got up to 160! Very ride graphI got some new running clothes! 40% off at, hell yeah! I got some new compression capris, a long sleeved running shirt, a running jacket and some running shorts. (Don’t ya just love my mirror selfies?! These are my first ever – I honestly felt embarrassed just taking them and now here I am posting them. Sigh.)2014-01-12 08.39.37Scooby coming on the bed weekend mornings is becoming a regular thing. The big goof! His life is so hard.2014-01-11 10.16.48I GOT A VACUUM! AND IT’S AWESOME! It’s a refurbished Shark Navigator from here. I can’t wait to rid the house of all Scooby hair. Or at least most of it. Okay, maybe just some of it?? Also, Scooby hates vacuums. He likes to bite them while they’re on. Don’t you touch my vacuum, Scooby.2014-01-15 19.41.13I did an actual workout this week! I put a 30 minute cap on it and got through 2.5 rounds (25 of each exercise =  1 round). Hopefully I’ll continue to workout and check back in a while and I will have improved! Right? Yeah.2014-01-14 07.13.04And now, I will leave you with this cuteness:DSCN0816Ridiculous.


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