My First {What I Ate Wednesday}

So I’ve never done a link up before, but here goes!

Every Wednesday, Jenn over at Peas and Crayons hosts a link up called “What I Ate Wednesday” where bloggers gather to admire the delicious recipes and eats we all make and enjoy! Head on over to see what others have been cookin’!

Here is my day of eats:

Spoiler! Pretty much everything I ate was food prepped during the weekend! Check out the “recipes” and inspirations here!

2014-01-13 07.38.26


Two egg muffins (Egg, cheddar cheese, chicken sausage) – this was the first time I had eaten them for breakfast so I didn’t know how full they would keep me. Uh, not very!! I was just missing a piece of peanut butter toast… By the time lunch came around I was hun-gry.

2014-01-13 12.14.46


Quinoa, Tomato Cucumber Salad (with gorgonzola cheese, red wine vinegar and basil infused olive oil) over greens (they’re under there somewhere!!) and a homemade “Larabar” (just dates and walnuts in the food processor!) to satisfy my sweet tooth 🙂 May I just say, dates are amazing!

2014-01-13 13.53.23

2:30 Pick-me-up:

Some TJ’s Mango Black Tea in my grandparent’s 50th anniversary cup 😉 to, how does 5 hour energy put it?? “Fight off the 2:30 feeling”. Haha I don’t need caffeine in the morning, I need it in the afternoon!

2014-01-13 17.20.43

5 o’clock snack:

I did NOT pack enough food for work, so I was hungry when I got home. Hummus and pita chips for the win! Gotta keep me goin’ so I could go see the pony before dinner.

2014-01-13 20.56.47


Abe made his specialty, lentil soup (ok maybe a mash??), chocked full of veggies: riced cauliflower and shredded carrot (leftover from the meat muffins), yellow bell pepper and butternut squash. Yumm! We’re on an orange/yellow veggie kinda roll!2014-01-13 20.53.39


Two Peanut Butter Chocolate Protein Balls with some bonus chia seeds! SO good frozen with a glass of milk 🙂

Did I do it right?? Did I survive my first link up?? Phew, I think I did 😉 What have you been eating lately?


8 responses to “My First {What I Ate Wednesday}

  1. Awesome food day! I love how you have made your meals in advance. It is no wonder you and Abe are such healthy and fit individuals . 🙂 When those Michigan winters are getting you down, please come stay with us in our new house and cook for us…Deal? Love you!!!!!

  2. Those egg muffins look so good! A pretty fab day of eats I reckon 😉 checking out that pb ball recipe now!

    • Yes! Lee over at Fit Foodie Finds makes great ball recipes – definitely worth checking out!

      The egg muffins ARE good!! Such a convenient way to eat some eggs in the morning without dirtying a pan every day! I’m lazy!! haha I’ll have to do a “recipe” post for them soon. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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