Adventure (Birthday!) Weekend – Mom Visit

Happy Thanksgiving, a couple days late! NOW, officially, ’tis the season 🙂 I love the holidays and the warmth they provide- from fires, to hugs, to snuggles, to warm blankets. It all makes me happy. Not to mention my birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s are all bundled up together in one quick month and a half.

We spent Thanksgiving over in San Jose at Abe’s family’s house. I unfortunately was feeling sick 😦 so the opportunity for ample amounts of rest and good food was oh-so enticing. The past few weekends have been crazy and I think it all finally caught up with me! I realized that Abe and I have seen ALL our parents in the past three weeks (which is amazing and makes me happy!) in addition to my grandparent’s visit in October.  I have felt like there were an upsurge of Adventure posts lately!! So here’s a recap of my birthday weekend with my mom!


My B-day! I turned 23 years old 😀 And like a true grown up, I had to work. But everyone at work made me feel so special! We ordered in sandwiches for lunch and there was no one was left wanting for cookies, cake and more cookies. Later that evening, some friends joined me for a great (and very very late) night of pizza and dancing!! Dancing like a maniac = a good workout. I left my phone at home so I could really dance my heart out, so not even one picture was taken to document the night.


We picked my mom up from the airport and immediately took her out to show off Scooby’s Frisbee skillz! This was the first time she met the Scoobs, and surprise, surprise – she loved him 🙂 Its hard not to!


2 3 4

In search of a veggie laden lunch, we landed at Pluto’s for their monster salads! And garlic curly fries!!

5 6

After lunch, we we went to Feet Fleet in Davis for my birthday present — some real running shoes! Apparently I over-pronate, which makes sense. I tend to wear out the inside of the heels of my running shoes, so hopefully these new shoes will help correct that.

It came down to the Brooks and Mizunos… which did I choose?!?


After a nap and barn time, we went to A Taste of Thai in Davis for a low key dinner. I was sooo shleepy so we went home and passed out afterwards.

8 9 10

But not before getting a brownie sundae at Paesano’s for dessert 😉



Mom and I woke up and went for a run with Scooby! I chose the Mizuno’s and I love them!! I can already feel them correcting my stride, especially when I walk in flats now.


After our run we went to a local diner, Cindy’s, and I got the Mexican Scramble. So good!

14 15

Barn trip! Abe snagged a pictures of two of our many barn cats: Mango and Maggie

16 17

He also got some of me and the Preston Pie!

18 19 20

Then Momma jumped on the valiant steed 🙂

21 22.5

Such a handsome Scooby!! Preston’s okay too.

22 23 24 25

So cute and happy!!!

For my “birthday” dinner, we went to a new restaurant in Woodland called Aria. It was the day after their grand opening and the food and atmosphere were fabulous! You can read Abe’s Yelp review here.

26 27.5

So true, so true!

27 28 29 30 31

What a fabulous weekend!! Thanks Momma for celebrating my birthday with me 😀 You spoil us!!


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