It’s my birthday! Am I a grown up now?

Today is my 23rd birthday! I know, I’m so old. I remember being 16 and thinking 23 was SO “grown up”.

#tbt To my freshman year of college and 18th birthday!

#tbt To my freshman year of college and 18th birthday!

When I hear the word grown up, I think:

  • Bills
  • House
  • Kids
  • Health Insurance
  • Car Insurance
  • Mature
  • Boring
  • >21 years old (but really, >18 years old??)
  • And this:

Warning: VERY crude and VERY inappropriate (but very funny!)

When I first got hired on full time at UC Davis, one of my first questions was what should I wear. As a student, I worked solely in the machine shop getting metal chips all over me, accidentally getting machine oil in my hair (SO.GROSS.) and moving heavy, dirty, dusty furniture. Now I was being given my own office where I would spend a portion of my day and work  in the shop the rest of the day. How do I dress for that? Quite the juxtaposition in my opinion.

Well, the answer my boss gave me was:

“Wear something that distinguishes you from the students.”

To which I thought to myself:

“You mean like a grown up??”

How does one dress like a “grown up”? What distinguishes a grown up?

My five year old self with my very first furry child, Petey!!

My five year old self with my very first furry child, Petey!!

Today, on my 23rd birthday, I wonder if I have passed that distinguishing line that makes me a grown up. Does age define it? Dress? A job? Money? Does it even matter??

I took an American Studies class during my undergrad that talked about boundaries and classification. The whole class can basically be summarized by saying “we can’t classify anything.” What does the average American look like? Where does the sand stop and ocean begin? Who/What is a grown up?

I don’t know if it can ever be classified (do we want it to?), but as I approach the grown up age this is what I’m shooting for:

  1. Responsible – able to take care of myself and my (furry) children!
  2. Enjoy life!!
  3. Go on as many adventures as possible. LEARN about the world. (Like JAPAN!)
  4. Have enough money to play and save 😉
  5. Dress well – clothes that flatter my body and of decent quality.
  6. Love myself – Accept who I am and embrace it!
  7. Take care of my body – No substance/food abuse, just foods that nourish and please my body, mind and soul.

I know most people would have house, kids, steady job etc. on their list, but I still feel too young to want those things. And I’ve decided that’s okay. This is the happiest I have been since I can remember. I am surrounded by wonderful people, a beautiful world and a fabulous family. Who says I need to grow up today? Can’t I grow up tomorrow??  For now I’ll just be playing dress up in my grown up office! 😉

2013-09-09 11.36.21

How would you define a grown-up? 


4 responses to “It’s my birthday! Am I a grown up now?

  1. We just couldn’t be more proud of you! I like what you say about acceptance of yourself. Surrounding yourself with others that embrace that concept is also a really healthy way to live as well… c u soon!

  2. Happy birthday! Live it up is my greatest advice. Travel a ton, eat a lot of amazing food, and don’t lose sight of what you want to do. I’m 24, and I’m freaking out that I’m only a year away from 25, but trying my hardest to stay true to myself!

    • Thank you! I’ll do my best. We’re travelling to Japan in May and possibly moving to a new state next Fall so adventurous things are on the horizon! Gotta embrace this limbo between tied down and unattached. I love your Life List (and the rest of your blog too)! I might have to make one of those myself! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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