Adventure Weekend – Dad Visit!

My dad came up this past weekend to celebrate my birthday a little early!!

He got in on Saturday just in time for lunch. We tried a new place in Davis called The Melt which specializes in grilled cheese sandwiches. It was pretty good… I added grilled onions, tomato and bacon to The Italian Job expecting it to be STUFFED! But alas, it wasn’t. Good flavor though, I liked the garlic bread 🙂 Abe got The Shorty (fitting much? hehe) which had short ribs in addition to cheese. As the picture shows, it was more of a rib meat spread(??) type thing. Good, but maybe over priced at $7. Also, you were given a choice of sides: either pickle or chips. I love a good pickle (it was also the healthier option!) but I do not think that one pickle is the same value as all those chips!!

Overall, good place but probably not the place to go if you’re super hungry.
1 2

After lunch we went CAMERA shopping! I had told my dad that I wanted a new camera that wasn’t too expensive but took decent pictures that I would feel better about putting on the blog. Something that would also work for JAPAN!!!! That’s right! We’re heading to Japan in May 2014 😀 My dad gave us airline tickets (using his miles) as graduation gifts and we FINALLY got it together (over a year later…) and chose dates!! SO. EXCITED. It’ll be our first International trip just the two of us — adventure!

But I digress. We headed up to a shopping center with a Best Buy, Target and Costco to shop around and talk to different people about which camera I should get. I really wanted something that would give good depth and high quality pictures, but wasn’t so big and expensive I would feel worried carrying it around. We settled on a Nikon P520 which should be great as I embark on my path of photography education. A camera is only as good as the photographer, right? 😉 I have a long way to go, but at least now I can start somewhere.

2013-11-18 22.18.03 2013-11-18 22.20.16

Here’s the very first photo I took 🙂 I love my Daddy!!


We took the camera out for a spin right away, even though the sun was setting :/ Tough conditions to shoot in (especially with as quick of a subject as Scooby!!) but I was just so excited! Gotta learn sometime. And the camera actually did great other than a little bit of blurriness.4 5 6 7 8

After our frisbee picture time, we headed off to my birthday dinner in Woodland at The Burger Saloon. Super good burgers!! Very “gourmet” flavors and cool atmosphere. I loved the buns too. I got the Humongous Fungus hehe – lotsa mushrooms!! You can read Abe’s Yelp review here.


My handsome dates!! ❤

9 10 12 13

We forewent dessert at TBS and went to an ole’ Davis standby – Davis Creamery! (Now called Sugar Daddies) We got a quart of cupcake ice cream (the best) and three cookies — splurge!! The cashier also gave us a quart of Blueberry that they were trying to get rid of. Uh, yes please and thank you!
14 15 16

Scoobs was bummed he couldn’t have any ice cream!17

On Sunday, we went for a hike at Putah Creek which is literally 2 miles away from our house, and actually located on UCD campus. Schweet! I wanted to practice taking photos, but my battery died. Boo. It was pretty cold (as seen by Dad’s outfit.. he’s obviously from So Cal!) but Scooby had no problem jumping in the water for sticks!20131117_113718 20131117_113958 20131117_114027 20131117_120621 20131117_120633 20131117_124503

These are the couple pics I took before the battery died. Its obvious I still have a lot of learning to do with my camera, but its an improvement over the phone!DSCN0099 DSCN0105

I’m pretty proud of these pics!! I just wished I chose something other than dead plants (really Amanda?!?) to practice on!DSCN0113 DSCN0114It was a fabulous weekend with the best dad a girl could ask for!! Thank you Dad, for the camera and dining!! Love you!


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