Jennifer Lawrence & Body Image

First off, I have the biggest girl-crush on J Law, like, ever. I could watch Youtube videos of her interviews all day. In fact, that’s kinda what I did today. I mean, its gotten so bad Youtube suggests videos she’s in without me asking it to… But, she’s right up there with (and probably surpasses) Beyonce for my favorite famous females so I really don’t care if Youtube judges me.

She has become popular in Hollywood for her outspoken and honest behavior, and for being just about the most relatable famous person ever.

This is one of my favorite Jennifer Lawrence real-person freak-out moments:

Jack Nicholson had just told her how wonderful she was! hahahaha

I could literally go on and on about my favorite moments, but I’ll just leave you with this, this and this. There are SO. MANY. MORE. Just Google/Youtube her.

Actually, when you Google her name, Google autocompletes “weight”. That’s because she has been very outspoken about women’s body images and pointing out just how stupid it all is!!!!! And I agree.

jlaw google

The inspiration for this post came this morning when my friend posted this video on my Facebook:

In it she basically says that people judging other people is just dumb. And I AGREE! Body image is a very sensitive subject and so important to some people – that makes me so sad. There is WAY more to life than what your body looks like. Health and happiness comes from a good lifestyle, not by dieting or restricting what you eat! Chances are good if you shift the concern from what your body looks like to how your body feels and performs, happiness is so much more attainable!

Instead of settling goals for how my body looks, or how many pounds I have to lose, I set different goals: 1) Eat to nourish my body 2) ENJOY what I’m eating 3) Move!! Chances are good if I follow those three rules, my body will get to its natural/happy weight/shape! I will take care of my body, and then let the chips fall as they may. My goal is health, not appearance. 

So thank you Jennifer Lawrence, for speaking out about weight injustice and being a role model for young girls and women to love themselves as they are!!

What is your favorite J. Law moment?? I may have to write a whole post dedicated to mine…


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