Monday Meal Plan #9

Happy Veteran’s Day! A big thank you to all that have served and are currently serving to protect our freedoms.

We just got home from a wonderful weekend visiting our good friends Dan and Sonja! Its so nice having the Monday off to recuperate. Adventure Post to come, but here’s a teaser 🙂


Time for ze foodies!!

Recap on Last Week:

Monday Meal Plan #8

Last week’s dinners:


Starting top left, moving CW:

  • Salmon and brussel sprouts – Abe grilled the salmon as it was, no spices or anything, and it turned out great!! Same went for the brussel sprouts in the oven. Sometimes good quality ingredients are just as good plain and just plain good 🙂
  • Supposed to be a soup, but turned out more like a “pasta” dish. Barley, kale, onion and chicken sausage were the only flavoring in this!! SO good! My man has a crazy way of making tasty dried starches. He always nails the consistency and flavors – I’m a lucky girl!
  • Cauliflower pizza topped with shitake mushroooms, orange bell pepper, and yellow squash. Made with the right amount of egg this time *facepalm* but too much garlic!! I just can’t win.
  • Salad, salad, salad! Chicken, artichokes, tomato, avocado and feta cheese over greens and dressed with balsamic vinegar.

Lunches this week:


Kind of a thrown together, cottage cheese ridden week.

  • Quinoa, green beans and cottage cheese
  • Leftover cauliflower pizza with extra pizza sauce and cottage cheese
  • Deconstructed turkey wraps over greens

I was able to keep up running/working out in the morning all last week, so I’m hoping for the same this week! I can’t tell if its good or bad that waking up to exercise is more motivating than waking up to work…

This week:

meal 9

Abe is heading back to San Jose this week so I’ll be on my own food-wise starting Wednesday night. Last time he was gone I had NO motivation to stick to the plan, so I tried to take that into consideration when planning for this week. The lentil taco salad should be tasty, and the chicken bake is always a goodie. We’ll see what veggies I end up with for both those dinners… they shall shape the recipe! No shopping list yet – I’ll get it ready in the morning.

Hope you had a happy Monday! This post was so late. What are you cooking up this week? Have you started working out in the mornings because of DLS?


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