Cranky, Sleepy, Sick

The older I get, the more years I’ve spent getting to know myself – who I am, what I stand for and what makes me tick. One of the biggest things I’ve learned in the 22.916 years I’ve been alive is that I am heavily affected by sleep. Even in my 4.25 years of college, I NEVER pulled an all-nighter!! It would have destroyed me.“Enough sleep” for me is close to 8.5 hours, but I can get down to 7 for a few days without feeling too bad. Did I mention I also don’t drink coffee? Or tea. Or any other type of caffeine. My body just can’t handle it. It doesn’t need a stimulant, it needs good ole’ fashioned sleep. Just like pain medication, caffeine is just a way to ignore what your body is telling you: YOU NEED REST! But rest sure can be hard to come by these days, and a lot of people can’t afford to listen.



This is an hourly breakdown of my day:

Daytime Necessities

24 hours – 9.5 hours (for work and commuting) – 2 hours (for riding) – 1 hour (for working out) = 11.5 hours

Nightime Necessities

11.5 hours – 8.5 hours (for sleep) = 3 hours

Fluff Time

3 hours – 1 hour (getting ready for work/bed) – 1 hour (eating breakfast/dinner) = 1 hour ALL TO MYSELF!!

Needless to say, my days are fairly full. When days get even fuller, the first thing to get cut is sleep.

My ‘side effects’ of getting less sleep:

  • MAJOR irritability
  • Productivity plummet
  • Sleepiness

Basically, nothing good comes of me getting less sleep. I’m super cranky, mean and just downright unfriendly. But probably the longest-lasting side effect of my stolen sleep is that I get sick.

Sidenote: Abe LOATHES sickness. He hates being around sickness and most of all being sick. Sooooo: I get sick -> Amanda AND Abe get unhappy (-> Abe gets sick)


Sleepy (1)

Turns to this…


source source

Anyways, no one is happy when I don’t sleep. After about two days of less than 7 hours of sleep, I can feel my body getting angry – normally in the way of a sore throat. I used to push through it, ignore the feeling and hope that it would go away. Nope, always leads to sickness. Now I’ve learned to listen to my body and sleep. Cramming in a workout now is not worth the sickness later. I feel like a slacker for taking the day off, but I’m really starting to believe that its what my body needs. I know there are specific studies describing the health benefits of sleep, but I just go off the fact that I feel so much happier, healthier, leaner and more energetic when I’m well rested!

I chose to snooze yesterday afternoon after a weekend of shenanigans and Monday night out, which is why I still haven’t posted about my Sutter Creek Adventure. It was just too good to cut corners 🙂 Hopefully by the end of the week I’ll get it together!! And now, I am off to snooze my way to health!

How does sleep affect you?


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