Monday Meal Plan #6

Happy Monday!

We were super efficient and meal planned and shopped on Saturday (instead of Sunday) – go us!

Recap on last week:

To see what the plan was for last week, click here.

I totally failed and didn’t take a picture of our dinner on Tuesday. In Davis, movie theaters do a “$5 Tuesday” deal, which is awesome, but its always a challenge for us to get all of our chores done in time to make the movie. But I was determined to make it this week!! …so we ate dinner in the car. Oh well, it was just pre-marinaded fish and zucchini. (PS I’m getting so sick of zucchini. It won’t be invited back for awhile)

Here’s what we ate for dinner last week:


Starting at top left and moving CW:

  • Tuna stuffed bell peppers. Sauteed mushrooms and onions mixed with frozen spinach, tuna and feta. Would have been really good if there was more creaminess to it! Unfortunately I didn’t have an milk or greek yogurt 😦 Next time!
  • Cheater meal… I had a small amount of spaghetti sauce that I wanted to use up with chicken, so I combined a frozen bag of TJ’s Grilled Eggplant and Zucchini Melange (has a sort of tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese in it already) with spinach, whatever spaghetti sauce I had, chicken and more mozzarella cheese. Suuuper tasty and rich! I love baking chicken in a sauce because it keeps it so moist. And I love cheese.
  • Abe’s mom sent him home with some delicious whole wheat naan bread and homemade baba ganoush which we paired with a frozen palak paneer from Trader’s. What would we do without Trader Joe’s?!
  • A modified version of veggiefoodlover’s veggie burgers. We used sweet potato, garbanzo beans, almond flour and some spices to make the burger, and ate it atop spinach, feta and tomato. Very rich and tasty… Abe’s favorite!

Confession: I don’t like sweet potatoes. I am not a rich foods kind of gal, and sweet potatoes are just SO. RICH. I like a couple bites of them (and I love their nutrition!!) but I just hit a point where I can’t stomach any more- It just no longer tastes good.

This week:

Our plan this week:

meal 6

I got ambitious this week and planned for lunches as well! I’m sick of being bored by the lunches I bring or don’t bring one at all. So we’ll see how this goes 🙂

Our shopping and ingredient list for the cupboard:

2013-10-19 14.51.33

Nothing too crazy on the menu this week. Buuuut, adventure next weekend!!! My grandparents are coming up and we’re heading over to Gold Country (maybe?) to scope out some wineries for their annual sibling wine trip. More on that later!!

Can you believe this is the SIXTH week of meal planning?! Time flies!! Have a wonderful Monday!


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