New Page! About the Animals

Happy Wednesday! Three days away from the weekend… aww yeah!

I feel like I’ve been talking about my animals a lot in the blog-osphere this week, so I went ahead and made an About the Animals page! If you feel like learning more about my black&white boys, read about them there.

To be honest, I just wanted an excuse to compile all of my favorite horsie/doggie pictures into one place. I have SO.MANY.PICTURES of the two of them. Not only am I obsessed with pictures, I am SUPER obsessed with pictures of them. It feels like every day I sit my coworkers down and say “Look at this cute picture of Preston” or “Isn’t Scoobs just the greatest.” Lesson: No one is as obsessed with your pets as you are. Get it in your head, Amanda!!

So, instead of boring my coworkers, I purged out all my pet stuff here. Hope you enjoy it as much (or maybe even just a fraction as much) as I do!


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