Perspective (through fictional characters)

Yesterday, there was a wonderful post on that touched on ways to improve your mindset and in turn improve your day. Maybe it was the influence of reading this post that has made me so full of pondering thoughts as of late…

Last night I was watching Battlestar Galactica with my roommates (sounds so nerdy when I actually see it in text) and in the episode we were watching, all of their food had been contaminated. Throughout the episode you see them sharing the little bit of food they have, collecting crumbs and battling with the effects of starvation on their bodies. There was a moment in the episode when one of the characters flat out said “there is no food” that I found myself thinking about the feeling of hunger. How, when I myself am hungry, I walk to the kitchen and eat. There’s no food? Go to the fully-stocked grocery store and buy some- simple as that. They couldn’t do that. What does it feel like to not have that option? The desperation of a slow and painful death??

At this point I said to myself, “how privileged are we that we will most likely never have to feel the desperation that those fictional characters are experiencing at this moment.” The abundance of food is something so common to me and the people I’m around that we can choose to diet. There is so much food around us that we over-eat and waste when others are starving. It certainly provides perspective on my life and how much worse I could have it.

Tonight, Abe and I went to see the movie Gravity. Again, perspective. Poor Dr. Ryan Stone is up in space facing bad situation after bad situation, and (spoiler!) watching the people around her die until she’s all alone. How cushy is my life that I don’t have to worry about dying every 90 minutes between satellite shrapnel storms?! But seriously, it may be an overly dramatic (and fictional) example, but it still rings true. We spend so much time focused inward on our problems and how our lives could be so much better, that we forget to take the time to be appreciative for what we do have. There are so many REAL people in this world that don’t have the luxury to worry about their figure, or their ambitions, or relationships… they just worry about living, eating.

On top of it all, I think people find thankfulness, kindness and graciousness such attractive features in a person. Those three things foster happiness within one’s self and happiness is an attractive quality. So change your perspective (whichever way works for you) and be thankful that you are not starving or spiraling out of control into space and live each day with gratitude!

2013-10-15 18.41.27


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