Monday Meal Plan #5

Hello hello! I haven’t blogged for a whole week!!! I’ve been slackin’. I drafted several posts, but just didn’t get around to posting any of them, oops. I shall get around to that soon.

Recap on last week:

To see the “single lady” meal plan for last week, click here.

I love love love Beyonce. Every time I type “single lady” this song pops into my head… couldn’t help myself!!

So my week as a single lady was… interesting. I was SO unmotivated to follow the meal plan, and sometimes just plain didn’t. There wasn’t a lot of time to cook and relax by the time I got home from all of my activities, so making dinner was more of a hassle than a joy. I just wanted to throw things in a bowl and shove them in my mouth so I could just get to sleep. I also over-portioned all of my meals, so I had lots and lots of leftovers for lunches and replacement-dinners.

Here’s what I made for dinner last week:

PhotoGrid_1381761900277Starting at the top left going CW:

  • My favorite meal of the week! A cold white bean, chicken, tomato, broccoli and feta salad with dressing, over greens. I had leftovers for days and I certainly wasn’t complaining!!
  • Lazy, lazy meal. Frozen broccoli, frozen potstickers and a hunk of tofu with soy sauce. I did NOT feel like cooking. Thank goodness I’m a fan of raw tofu.
  • Experiment!! Cauliflower “mashed potatoes” with a tofu add in and some wilted spinach. Not as good as I was hoping, but I did literally just wing it. I think I cooked this meal out of pure obligation… there was no love in the kitchen when I made this!! Will need some definite tweaks and a re-make (with Abe as a taste-tester) before I post the recipe.
  • Splurge meal!! I got those awesome preservative-free tortillas from Pedrick’s Produce that needed to be eaten up. Chicken (mixed with enchilada sauce and a little bit of taco seasoning) quesadilla topped with 1/2 an avocado and a side of salsa beans.
  • MONSTER salad! I love a good fried egg on a salad, so I started cooking the egg before realizing the meal plan called for tuna as my protein. No fear! I’ll have both! Spinach salad with tomato, broccoli (I love me some brocc-o-li), avocado, tuna, feta and an egg.

My meals overall look so much greener than usual!! I LIKE IT!

This week:

Here’s the plan for this week:

meal 5

As you can see, I did absolutely no food prep this week. Hopefully I’ll survive!! Our shopping list and ingredient breakdown is shown below.


There are a couple new recipes that I’m looking forward to making this week: The veggie burgers from veggiefoodlover I just happened to stumble upon and then the tuna-stuffed bell peppers which I’m just making up as I go.

I had some friends up to visit this weekend (I’ll blame them for my lack of food prepping) and we went out to the barn to see Preston and practice some photography. Enjoy!!




1398139_10201735335160323_283284443_o 1277786_10201735335760338_1805106226_o



My personal favorite! I must’ve been telling a goooood story…

Have a wonderful Monday!


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