Monday Meal Plan: Week #3

Another successful week of meal planning! It can be tedious, but I love planning out the meals and then having a detailed grocery list telling me exactly what I need for the week. No wasted money or space here! It can get pretty tight when 4 healthy foodies (veggies take up space!!) all try to cram into one fridge and freezer, lemme tell ya. One of these days I’ll have to take a picture of our fridge after we all go shopping… frightening.

Recap on last week:

To check out what was on the menu last week, click here.

So here are the meals we made last week:PhotoGrid_1380469908445

Starting at the top left (CW):

  • Spinach salad with yellow squash, tomato, bell pepper and a fried egg (Love, love, LOVE eggs on salads! A runny yolk with spinach = best dressing ever!)
  • Lentils made in broth with yellow squash, bell pepper, curry, paprika and basil (Abe’s delicious creation)
  • Chicken with mesquite rub and “breaded protein-boost” broccoli (I put almond meal, olive oil and some garlic salt on the broccoli when I baked it — sooo good!! Recipe coming soon?)
  • Friday splurge!! Meatball sandwich on TJ’s par baked bread (only way to go if splurging on white bread – put it in the oven for 10 minutes and its ready!) with wilted spinach, goat cheese and marinara sauce
  • Lemon salmon with (very very burnt) kale chips

This week:

This is what we decided on for this week:

meal 3

And this was the corresponding ingredient list/pantry inventory/grocery list I created:2013-09-29 14.39.11

I ended up posting this in the pantry after going grocery shopping so that Abe will know what’s on the menu each night and which ingredients to use when cooking. So organized!! We went grocery shopping together and Abe kept walking off to purchase things that weren’t on the list. I kept telling him WE DON’T NEED THAT THIS WEEK… the roommates already think we hog the freezer, we don’t have to prove their point further.

But it ended up being a very directed and effective trip. I’ve got some new (to me) recipes on the menu this week, so I’m excited to share my experience cooking them with you. First up… cauliflower pizza crust from Nosh n’ Nourish! It’ll be my first time using nutritional yeast so we’ll see how it goes 🙂 Looking forward to it!

I also food prepped yesterday – some cauliflower for the pizza dough, yellow squash for a couple meals and quinoa breakfast bars from The Lean Green Bean to switch up my breakfast! The quinoa bars are gooood. I didn’t have plain chopped nuts or dried fruit so I just used trail mix! That meant some chocolate chips ended up in there, but I’m not complaining… 😉

2013-09-29 17.30.36

Quinoa Breakfast Bars mmm!

2013-09-29 15.51.35

Weekend Cauliflower prep!

Also, my cheese collection is growing again. I used to have a whole drawer dedicated to my cheeses, but I try to cut back. Cheese is just soooo goooood. My favorite is a pesto gouda we picked up at TJ’s yesterday… dangerously delicious!

What new recipes are you going to try this week? Have you ever used nutritional yeast?


4 responses to “Monday Meal Plan: Week #3

    • They are fantastic! I made enough for the week, but my boyfriend got into them while I was at work claiming he “couldn’t resist”. Guess I’ll just have to make another batch 🙂

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