Thankful Sunday: Horses

Helloooo! So I didn’t blog at all this week… maaaan. Totally meant to, but just didn’t have the time/energy/pictures to pull it off. Oh well. I told myself when I started this thing that it would be fun and not an obligation, I guess I proved myself right by “stickin’ it to the man” (more like just me) and ignoring it for an entire week. I did update the theme though! And I like it 🙂

So along with my week off from blogging, I also took the week off from running. Boo. I rode right after my sickness and I realized that my body probably wasn’t ready since I was so out of breath, so I took the week off. I did, however, ride all week and go for a 2 hour walk (maybe 3.5 miles??) with Scooby on Friday. We went and visited some friends whose house I definitely thought was closer than it was! The Scoobs can only walk for the next two weeks, per the vet’s orders, in order for his nail to heal. He said as much walking as we want, but no running!! Try telling Scooby that… he’s going crazy!

2013-08-06 17.55.45

Yesterday I had the pleasure of introducing a friend to Preston. She had never ridden a horse before, but is an avid animal lover. Watching people interact, touch and love on horses for the first time makes me think about just how lucky I am to be able to have horses as a part of my every day life and how much I enjoy introducing people to horses. Horses (specifically Preston) are my favorite source of therapy for the mind, body and soul: he comforts me when I’m upset, keeps me in check when I’m angry and loves me every single day regardless of my mood.

2012-10-06 15.20.12

Its a joy to share the effects of such a wonderful animal with people who have never experienced it. One of my favorite stories is when my coworker from San Francisco first came out to the barn with me just to quickly feed grain. She had never been around horses before, and in all honesty, enjoyed the barn cats more than the actual horses. But the second time she came out with me, she was able to see Preston in turn out, acting like a hooligan. She expressed to me the calm she got while she was at the barn, the connection she felt with him and how much she enjoyed being around these animals. She actually offered to come out to the barn with me whenever I wanted some company!!


Abe’s mom has also had a chance to meet Preston. The larger the animal, the more cautious she is around them so I figured the same would apply to horses. Boy was I wrong… she loved him! He was putting his head on top of hers and smelling her hair – it made me smile 🙂 It made her smile too!! I think that’s one of the biggest and longest-sustained smiles I’ve seen her have!

2012-05-19 13.33.39

It warmed my heart to see my “son” bring such smiles and wonder to people’s lives. Any animal has the potential to impact someone’s life, but I feel like horses are something special. They are smart, perceptive, affectionate, graceful and strong. Today, I am so thankful for all of the horses I have had in my life. For the joy they bring me, the responsibility and humility they have taught me and snuggles/kisses/sneezes they’ve given me!! And most of all, for me being able to share my love and wonder of such a awesome animal with my friends and family.

2013-09-25 18.48.24Who is the special animal in your life? How do they help you get through your day?


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