Monday Meal Plan: Week #2

I think its safe to say the first week of meal planning was a success!!


From top left (CW): Spinach salad with goat cheese, TJ’s chicken sausage with sauteed onion and bell peppers, zucchini noodles with marinara sauce and beef meatballs, and almond breaded chicken tenders with kale chips.

We switched up one of the days and ended up going out to dinner with my dad on Friday, so it didn’t match perfectly, but it certainly helped.  Abe was so enthused he even came prepared to meal plan during our date night last night!

2013-09-22 20.55.28

Mmmm Pluto’s Mac n’ Cheese & Meal Planning!

2013-09-22 20.55.13

Mozzarella Moon with FULL basil leaves 😀

Pluto’s is our favorite go to out-to-dinner place. We normally get massive salads and split a side of mac n’ cheese, but I was feeling a sandwich. Over dinner, this is what we decided our meal plan would look like for this week: Yay organization!

Meal PlanAs I mentioned before, I was not feeling well this weekend = lots of sleeping. Aaand cuddling with the one and only Scoobs!

2013-09-22 00.00.26

“Eh blegh” say the Slugatrons

I never realized how much fun I have cooking on the weekends. Stupid, I realize. A weekend without interesting food is just a flop in my mind, but you have to listen to your body. I’m feeling better so hopefully I’ll have some interesting recipes to share this week!


3 responses to “Monday Meal Plan: Week #2

  1. That looks like a great week of food! We are really limited cooking in the trailer. But yesterday Veronica gave me a large amount of basil and I made Pesto for our family and theirs for a month. I added spinach and lemon for a little boost of flavor and nutrition. I need recipes for trailer living, please!

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