Meal Planning: Try #1

The plan to spend the day in Woodland and play tennis quickly changed directions. We ended up going to brunch in Davis at Bistro 33 and meal planning/grocery shopping/food prepping instead. Look at us (*cough cough* me) gooo! Abe resists  meal planning and planning in general. Out of necessity, I have started prepping at least three lunches and four breakfasts each week. Might as well translate this good habit to dinner as well!

Meal Planning

So here is our meal plan for the week:

Meal Plan

We’ll see how well we can stick to it… Abe prepares most dinners because I’m so busy in the evenings, and I consider this to be my contribution! Hopefully now we won’t stare at each other every night wondering what wild creation of thrown together ingredients we’re going to eat for dinner. We used our plan to do targeted grocery shopping and organized our meals based on 1) freshness of the ingredients and 2) our schedules each night.

We follow the California Calisthenics nutritional philosophy of not eating grain and flour-based carbohydrates for dinner. Our dinners consist of a lean protein and vegetables. Click here to learn more about California Calisthenics’ nutrition philosophy.

Food Prep

We have SO many apples. SO. MANY. (This picture doesn’t so it justice) Its great getting produce in bulk to save money, but you certainly have to be on top of it in order to eat it all before it goes bad! Here’s a look at the haul we got from Pedrick’s Produce yesterday.

2013-09-14 19.05.47

Again, so many apples. I diced 6 (which I would guess is close to half) of the apples for my oatmeal this week and used all the avocados to make guacamole! They were uber ripe and needed to be eaten right away. The guac will add a very special touch to my beans and tamale lunch tomorrow, along with my new purchase from TJ’s – enchilada sauce! I love enchilada sauce as an additional seasoning in dips, on burritos or even just on beans. Oh the possibilities! 😀

2013-09-15 16.02.41

I also prepped some quinoa for lunches, as usual.

2013-09-15 17.26.50

Off to bed! Its nice to be back in my own home. I will be looking forward to NOT getting licked in the face at 6:30 AM tomorrow morning!! Good thing dogs are cute.

2013-09-15 08.51.46

Scooby and his fellow early-morning face-lickers


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