My Pledge to Run

Did you make that huge CrockPot of Chicken Tortilla soup and are getting tired of the leftovers?? Not me! We only had two days of leftovers – very tolerable.

Well, you could freeze the soup and save for later (if only we had room in our freezer!!), or you could use it as a flavorful sauce for quinoa! Mix prepared quinoa with the same amount of soup and top with some cheese for a tasty, fiber-filled lunch! I love that the combo of quinoa and beans is packed with protein and the main flavoring comes from the tomatoes and salsa which digest very easily. This means that I have a good chance of coming home after work and feeling strong, satisfied and ready for a good workout!

2013-09-04 12.09.26

This week I’ve been experimenting with running by myself. Abe and Scooby normally come with me for “motivation”, but I’ve found that running solo really challenges me mentally to push myself. We often get into arguments when Abe convinces me to go for runs when I don’t really want to, but know I should. He’s my scapegoat! Instead of being angry and tired and battling against myself, I turn to him and blame him for “forcing” me to workout or something equally as ridiculous. Don’t I sound like a joy of a running partner?? When I’m out there all alone, I’m forced into lots of positive self talk to keep myself going. I figure I only have to talk myself into the first half of my run and then I have no choice but to finish by running home. 🙂

It also provides me with the opportunity to spend some time by myself. I spend my entire day with people at work, roommates at home, and fellow riders at the barn. Even when I ride, Preston and I are working together. While he may be my absolute favorite exercise partner, sometimes I even need time away from Preston.  When I embark on a solo run, I can think about my day, zone out into the music and take pride in how strong I am, not only physically, but also mentally. I need to focus on these positives (instead of dwelling on the negatives and making excuses) when I am reluctant to lace up my running shoes.

So far, I’ve run 3 miles on Monday and 3 on Wednesday. I spent some time mapping out routes I can run in the Davis Green Belt, so hopefully a change in scenery (along with some new tunes on the iPod!!) will help me to keep running! I’m horribly inconsistent with my exercise patterns which is not good mentally or physically. So here I am, pledging to go for at least 4 runs(/walks, if need be) per week for at least two weeks! I’ll report back in two weeks and let you know how it went. Wish me luck!

How do you motivate yourself to go for runs or make runs more enjoyable??


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