Workout Wednesday

Oye. I’m tired.

Wednesdays are always busy for me. I workout with California Calisthenics right after work and then run out to the barn and ride the horse. Its no secret I’m not the most enthusiastic exerciser, but recently I’ve been making a conscious effort to set myself up for successful workouts. I always feel better mentally and physically after exercising, so that has become my main motivational mantra. No one ever regretted going to the gym! (or park in our case…) Instead of going home where I can veg and eat, I go straight to the park and get it out of the way as soon as possible! My attention span for workouts is embarrassingly short, so short and sweet “Bardio” workouts are perfect. Here is what I did today to get my heart pumping. Daily California Calisthenics workouts can be found here.

  • Max assisted pull ups using resistance bands (I shot for 15, 16, 17)
  • Max chair dips (20)
  • Max assisted or incline push ups (15)
  • Max jump squats (15)
  • 1/4 mile “run” (More like a wheezing jog)

Whew! Got my heart rate up! I performed all exercises as quickly as possible with as little rest as possible in between. I took a two minute break after the jog, and then repeated the super set twice more.

Running is so difficult for me! I have never liked running, except when I’m really angry and need to be alone. Because of this, my cardio sucks. One of my goals is to incorporate more running intermittently throughout my workouts. I have so much trouble running long distances (why run when you can walk??) so I figure breaking it up into shorter distances more frequently might slowly increase my tolerance and fitness.

What did you do to exercise today?


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