On the Menu: Oriental-style Quinoa Lunch

My evenings are pretty busy so I almost always fail at creating entire lunches the night before.  I end up settling for the only food places near my work: icky fast food! It certainly doesn’t help that all my coworkers (skinny, active engineering boys!) consider Carl’s Jr/Taco Bell to be a viable food source for lunch. To combat this weakness of mine I try to make a big batch of quinoa on Sunday for lunches during the week. Quinoa is so filling, versatile, nutritious and makes my belly happy! I dress each serving up differently the night before depending on leftovers and what sounds good. One of my favorite versions of “quinoa lunches” is very simple: frozen gyozas (from Trader Joe’s of course), frozen broccoli, quinoa and a little bit of soy sauce. Mmm! I tend to crave salty foods at lunch (Taco Bellllll) so the soy sauce and pot stickers really hit the spot. The night before, I just throw everything into a tupperware container and leave them in the fridge. Everything defrosts overnight (is that bad??) which really evens out the cook time and makes prep time so much shorter come lunch. For this particular lunch I also had a nectarine I got at the Farmer’s Market for dessert. Delicious!!

2013-08-26 12.05.36

Stay tuned for more of my Quinoa Lunches!

What do you crave at lunch time?


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