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Welcome to The Engineering Foodie! My name is Amanda and this blog is about my life: the food I eat, the ones I love and the adventures I go on. A little background on me. I am a Mechanical Engineer living in Davis, CA with my boyfriend, our dog and two of our best friends. I work full time as a Development Engineer at UC Davis, from which I graduated in December of 2012. I have a horse named Preston and a dog named Scooby and they bring joy to my life every day.


Photo Credit: Estella Wong


My roommates and boyfriend started a calisthenics business/website/workout group called California Calisthenics last year which has helped me to discover a new type of exercise I enjoy.  Having never participated in team sports other than riding horses, I never knew how to push my limits and train through exercise. I am currently working on getting my first pull up, and cannot wait to feel the satisfaction of achieving a fitness goal.

I have always loved food, especially vegetables, and Cali*sthenics has also been a great learning experience about healthy eating and nutrition. I love to cook and eat healthy, nutritious foods that energize my body and mind.

On here I will share the recipes and experiences of my life, so I hope you’ll enjoy!


Our little family
Photo Credit: Estella Wong

To learn more about California Calisthenics, visit:


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